KEYNOTE — Sabah Choudrey

7 novembre 2021
13:15 – 13:45 | Lobby

Trans people of colour are often excluded because gender and race are treated as separate issues. They are left out from movements and services and in trans and non-binary spaces, their POC identities are overlooked. Why does this happen and what do we need to do? Join Sabah Choudrey, drawing from their personal experience and knowledge from their latest publication: ‘Supporting Trans People of Colour: How to Make Your Practice Inclusive’ introduces the theory of intersectionality from the start, giving practical tips and steps to ensure that the community as a whole may be represented and creates a safer space for trans people of colour to thrive.

Langue: Anglais
Public cible: Ouvert à toutes les personnes intéressées par le sujet.

Sabah Choudrey Reluctant activist on most things trans, brown and hairy. Public speaker, writer and psychotherapist in training. Proud trans youth worker since 2014, current Head of Youth Service at Gendered Intelligence, trustee of Inclusive Mosque Initiative and co-founder of Colours Youth Network supporting LGBT+ BPOC young people in UK.