Reconnection – Empowerment workshop for people of color

Many of us have been cut off from our roots, had our culture stolen and forbidden, and our strength taken away. All of our energy goes into surviving daily life.
In this workshop, we can reconnect with our roots, the culture in our blood & bones, and our ancestors to regain our power.

I invite us to share our spirituality with one another. Let us feel free to overcome the shame brought to us by white supremacy. The shame that keeps us from being who we really are. No instructions, no concept, no discussions. We will enter the world of feeling and trust in our bodies. Let’s take the risk without knowing what will happen Feel free to bring your drum, flute, a personal intem.

Durchgeführt von

Manuel Ricardo Garcia queer FTM of color with a lesbian sozialisation
Trans*activist, Architect & co-organizer of the group “Beyond Color”
Germany / Chihuahua Mexico


Day, Time, and length: Sa, 13.30 Uhr, 90 Minutes

Room: Raum 1.10

Target groups: Queer Trans Inter Black People and People of Color

Goal: Persönliche Er- und Bearbeitung

Language(s): Deutsch, Englisch