Embodied Confidence Workshop

The affects of oppression are often found in the body. We make ourselves small, dissociate from our bodies, smile while we’re uncomfortable. We often have headaches or knots in our stomaches. Trauma lives in our bodies through the surgeries we’ve had, or the violence that we’ve endured.

How can we transform our bodies from sites of oppression and trauma into sites of pleasure, resilience, and resistance? The Ballroom (voguing) community organically tackles these questions through fashion, performance, and body categories. In this workshop, we’ll be focusing on posing as a way to transform the affect of oppression on our bodies.

Bring clothing that makes you feel comfortable, and your favorite alter-egos ! And come to this workshop while we pose !!!

Lead by

Rae Parnell (he) is a black trans artist, educator, and dancer based in the Netherlands. They are also the mother of the Dutch based kiki (voguing) house The Kiki House of Major. As a mother and performer, they investigate the intersections of trauma, pleasure, and ancestral knowledge, and how these experiences affect the body.


Day, Time, and length: Sa, 10.00 Uhr, 80 Minutes

Room: Auditorium

Target groups: Alle trans- und non-binären Menschen

Goal: Körpererfahrung

Language(s): Englisch