Become unstoppable

You have limitless strength, joy and potential within yourself. In this workshop you will understand which layers are covering the peace, joy and potential within you. You will reconnect to your joyful inner self, deepen your self love connection and break free from limitations and blockages that are holding you back to be YOU!

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Maria Juras (she) is a passionate personal growth expert that has the mission to touch as many people as possible to make them see and experience their unique beauty and greatness within themselves. Teaching people how to love themselves unconditionally and how they can reconnect to their strength to give themselves unapologetically the permission to be the precious human being they are!


Day, Time, and length: Sa, 15.20 Uhr, 100 Minutes

Room: Raum 1.01

Target groups: Alle trans- und non-binären Menschen

Goal: Training

Language(s): Englisch