Code of Conduct

Trans and gender non-conforming people are already experiencing unique forms of discrimination. This event is a respectful and safe place and must be free of all violence and harassment.

Discrimination and respect

We recognize all genders, gender identities, age, skin colors, sexual orientations, body shapes, economic backgrounds, physical and mental possibilities, religious beliefs, and humanity in general. We do this because the experience of diversity is the key to successful exchange and collaboration.

We respect the pronouns of other participants. If we are unsure which pronoun to use, we ask.


We do not pass on information entrusted to us to third parties. We respect the privacy of all event participants and do not communicate any personal information during or after the event. In particular, we avoid unwanted outings from other trans persons, which can occur quickly despite anonymization.

During the conference, pictures, sound recordings and videos will only be made with the prior, explicit permission of all visible or audible persons. The event thrives on an intensive exchange between all participants and secrecy is one of the principles for a fruitful exchange.

Note that some workshops or presentations have stricter rules to protect people’s privacy.


We take people in our immediate surroundings into consideration and adapt our statements and choice of words, e.g. when children or young people can listen.


Inform us if you experience or observe a violation of this Code of Conduct yourself. Also let us know even if you do not want anything to be done about it. During the event, you can contact people with the ORGANISATION sign, by telephone at +41 79 xxx xx xx (to be announced before the event) or by e-mail at

Your report will be accepted with confidence. Any steps taken will be agreed with you in advance to protect you.


All event participants, volunteers, mentors, workshop faciliators, lecturers and members of the organisation are obliged to comply with this Code of Conduct during the event. Those participants who disobey this rule may be sanctioned or excluded from the event.

CoC 2019, Version 2