QueerBooks and TransToys on site

In addition to the workshop program and the exchange within the community, two companies have agreed to offer a booth on site.


QueerBooks is your contact for books, films, magazines and other great stuff about lesbian-gay, trans, inter, gender and feminist issues.

In our online shop you can browse through a selection of over 11,000 articles. If you prefer to smell the book, browse through the magazine or pick up the DVD before buying, visit our department in the bookstore Weyermann at Herrengasse 30 in Bern or take a look at our offer at the Trans Congress… one way or the other, we look forward to seeing you!


The Transtoy shop in Berlin has been in existence for 14 years and was the first in Europe to support trans people. Community-based, it emerged from the feminist movement and Laura Meritt’s sexual-political commitment. Binders, packers, peeing aids and other useful things are sold and also developed. At our “Transtoy Tupper Party” many of these articles are presented, can be viewed, tested and, of course, bought if you like them. It is important to us that there is an open exchange about the products so that we can develop them further and strengthen the community.

If you already have some wishes, please let us know, then we will bring them with us!